Thuka Hit Beds

Thuka Hit Midsleeper Bed

Thuka Hit Midsleeper Bed

Thuka Hit beds and furniture are the budget range of furniture from Thuka.  Still made with the same high quality Scandinavian pine, Thuka are able to save money on the Hit range by reducing the thickness of the wood in bothe the legs and safety rails.  While they are still a very safe product conforming to all the required safety regulations, they are perhaps not so sturdy as the flagship Thuka Trendy range.

The system is not modular so Thuka Hit midsleeper, bunk and loft beds can only be built up as the bed that was originally purchased and cannot be adjusted with the addition of building kids in the same way that Trendy beds can.

However, despite this there is stillmuch versatility in the Thuka Hit range.  You can add tents and tunnels to midsleepers and bunk beds to make them into fun play areas for kids.  There is also a misleeper option with a slide for the ultimate fun bed.

On a more practical note, the Thuka Hit range also has underbed desks, drawers, cupboards and low wardrobes that are designed to turn a raised midsleeper or loft bed into a practical storage solution.