Thuka Maxi building System

Please note that the Thuka Maxi system has now been replaced by the Thuka Trendy sytem.

Thuka Maxi 11The Thuka Maxi building System is designed around a simple concept. You should be able to use the same Thuka Maxi bed and mattress for your kids from when they first leave the cot to when they leave home.

The modular nature of the Thuka Maxi Building System enables you to achieve this. You can start from the basic Thuka Maxi bed and as the years go by and the needs of your children change, you can change your bed with other modules in the Thuka Maxi Building System.

An example of the use of a Thuka Bed throughout childhood:

  • A young child moves out of his cot and into a Thuka Shorty? bed with a side rail on for safety.
  • As he gets older, storage space for toys and clothes is needed so a Thuka Maxi midsleeper kit is added to raise the bed.
  • A Thuka Maxi Play Tent is added to make a fun environment to play under the bed (Thuka Maxi 11)
  • As the child gets taller the expansion pieces are added to turn the bed into a full-sized Thuka Maxi midsleeper.
  • Extra storage space is now needed under the Thuka Maxi? bed, so the tent is removed and a Thuka Maxi chest of drawers and shelves are added underneath
  • The first day at school finally arrives and soon the need for a desk becomes apparent. A Thuka Maxi swivel desk is added to the Thuka bed (Thuka Maxi 08)
  • At age 10 it becomes necessary for an extra bed for sleepovers. The Thuka Maxi bed is raised with a Thuka Maxi high sleeper kit to create a high bed with space underneath for extra furniture. A Thuka Maxi underbed desk and chair set is added to turn the bed into Thuka Maxi 29. This gives him all the space he needs for study, rest and relaxation.

Bunkbed thuka bedAn extra bed can also be added with a Thuka Maxi Bunk Kit to create Thuka Maxi bunk beds.

As you can see, Thuka Maxi offers a modular building system to utilise the same bed throughout childhood. Thuka Maxi? beds are made from Scandinavian Pine and come with a 5 year warranty against defects, so you can rest assured that your Thuka Maxi system will last.