Thuka Maxi Bunk Beds

Please note that the Thuka Maxi system has now been replaced by the Thuka Trendy system.

Thuka Maxi bunk beds

Thuka Maxi bunk beds

Whether it’s fun, practical space saving ideas for siblings who share, extra space for sleepovers or a great way to add in a comfortable seating area Thuka has a brilliant range of bunk bed combinations.

The traditional bunk bed has never looked so good. Solid lacquered pine brightened up with a choice of colourful accessories produces a versatile range of children’s bunks which you really can make your own.

Simply combine two individual Thuka beds (two full length or two “Shorty” the choice is yours) with their clever bunk bed kit and you are on your way to creatng a safe and stylish Thuka bunk bed system. Add on safety rails and non-slip treads (for all the trotting up and down), clip on tables (for a bedtime drink and a book or two) and pop on a handy three pocket tidy (for all those essential bits and pieces) and your children will have a gorgeous bunk bed combination.

A colourful tent will create a wonderful den, and a private area which may be just the thing when children share a room. The tunnels and turrets fit easily to the thuka bunk bed combinations and help to make your children’s room magical.You can even add on a sturdy slide to the Thuka bunk beds, which is sure to add more fun!

The brilliant Thuka bunks come with two length options, full length or “Shorty” for when you want to really maximise your space. As your children grow it is easy to make the “Shorty” bunks into full length Thuka Maxi bunk beds by simply using an extension kit and adding full length mattresses – and by the time your children have outgrown the “Shorty” it will be a timely change of mattresses! With Thuka bunk beds you have the choice of a straight or slanting ladder to suit your children’s ro

om. The opportunity to add extra safety rails made from the same sturdy and high quality wood gives you peace of mind whilst keeping the beds looking really good.

These colourful combinations have the benefit of extra storage options underneath the bottom bunk – a couple of trundle drawers or even an extra trundle bed for when you need it – so every bit of space can be used to the maximum and still stay looking smart and coordinated.

And when you are ready for a change around the Thuka bunk beds can easily be separated into two complete beds which can be used alone or be used along with other Thuka kits to create neat midsleepers or practical highsleepers.

Please bear in mind that top bunks are not recommended for children under 6 years of age.