Thuka Maxi Midsleepers

Thuka Maxi Midsleeper

Thuka Maxi Midsleeper

Please note that the Thuka Maxi system has now been replaced by the Thuka Trendy system.

Thuka Maxi Midsleepers (often known as cabin beds) are raised beds suitable for younger children from about age 3 or 4. Raising the single bed up and turning it into a Thuka Maxi Midsleeper bed allows you to take advantage of the extra floor space beneath the Thuka Maxi Midsleeper.

Thuka Maxi Midsleepers are designed specifically for this purpose, with exactly the right distance from floor to bed to allow a great variation to the space beneath the Thuka Maxi Midsleeper.

You can fill this extra space with handy storage space with Thuka Maxi furniture, or fun play space with the Thuka Maxi play tents. The choice is yours.