Thuka Maxi White

Please note that the Thuka Maxi system has now been replaced by the Thuka Trendy system.

Thuka Maxi White 06Thuka Maxi White is the same sturdy, high quality Scandinavian Pine as the Thuka Maxi range, but with a white wash to give Thuka Maxi White a completely different feel.? The white washed pine of Thuka Maxi White is lacquered to give an easy to wipe down finsh.

Not all of the Thuka Maxi range is available in Maxi White washed pine, but the range is continually expanding, with the recent addition of Thuka Maxi White 07, the white version of the ever popular Thuka Maxi 29.?

Thuka Maxi White 7From the Thuka Maxi white single bed, through midsleeper cabin beds,? bunks and highsleepers, the Thuka Maxi White modular building system is a versatile and strong solution for kids rooms.

Tents, tunnels, towers and furniture add to the Thuka Maxi White range to make a full room solution.