Thuka Shorty

Please note that the Thuka Maxi system has now been replaced by the Thuka Trendy shorty system.

Thuka Shorty 3Thuka Shorty beds are a part of the Maxi building system.? If you are short of space in a child’s room, or just want to maximise the available floor space whilst your child is young, the Thuka Shorty bed is a great solution.

Thuka Shorty beds are 171 cm long compared to the 210cm of the standard Maxi single bed.? So you save 39cm of floor space.

The Thuka Shorty bed allows you to utilise many of the options available in the Thuka Maxi system.? Your Thuka Shorty bed can be low level for a child when they first come out of the cot.? You can raise it with a building kit to make a Thuka Shorty midsleeper and you ca even join two Thuka Shorty beds together to make a Shorty bunk bed.?

Best of all, with the addition of 2 extra pieces the Thuka Shorty bed can be converted into a full size Thuka Maxi bed so will alst for as long as it’s needed.