Thuka Trendy

The latest addition to the Thuka ranges of furniture is the Thuka Trendy modular building sytem which replaces the Maxi system.

Thuka Trendy is made from Scandinavian Pine and is available in 2 finishes – natural pine (clear lacquer) and whitewashed pine. But the real difference in the Thuka Trendy system is the addtion of colour to the bed frames and the furniture.

All Trendy beds have coloured panels between the bars at the head and foot of the bed, and also between the safety bars along the front of any midsleeper, bunk or highsleeper bed.  This adds a completely different style to the beds so they can fit in with a boy’s or girl’s room.  Colours available are blue, black, pink and purple.

These colours also flow throught the furniture ranges so the drawer fronts will match the colour of the bed panels.

Being a modular system, Thuka Trendy beds start with the single bed, which can be built up into a midsleeper, bunk or highsleeper bed using the building kits.  It should be noted that the bunk beds can’t be split into 2 identical single beds as was the case with the Maxi system.

And a great range of tents, towers and pocket tidies, as well as the safety packs and clip on tables have added a brand new fun feel to the Thuka Trendy system.